Ebanxl gets us $430 million investment Time:2021-7-14

Ebanx, Latin America's leading cross-border e-commerce payment platform, announced that its last round of financing before listing in the United States had obtained an investment of $400 million from advance international and a follow-up investment commitment of $30 million. Advance is one of the largest private equity companies in the world and one of the most successful investors in the payment industry. The company will join FTV capital as a small investor in ebanx.

This investment aims to continue to fund the active expansion of ebanx in Latin America“ Our goal is always to develop the best performance digital payment solutions, recruit the best technical talents and business elites, and provide excellent value proposition, so that multinational enterprises can obtain and develop their Latin American business more easily and with lower cost. I'm glad that advance can join us and help us accelerate our growth. " Said Jo à del Valle, CEO and co-founder of ebanx.

Ebanx has helped Amazon, Alibaba, shopee, spotify and Uber attract more than 70 million Latin American consumers from 15 Latin American countries and regions through its proprietary platforms and solutions, and has completed massive transactions. In recent years, the company has been growing exponentially. In 2020, it will handle more than 3.5 billion US dollars of transactions and 150 million transactions.

Advance invests for the first time

through all four of its funds

The four funds under adventure include Latin American Private Equity Fund (lapef), global private equity fund (GPE), adventure tech and sunley house capital. This investment in the same enterprise through all four funds is the first in the history of adventure, which shows that it can provide strong global support for ebanx. This round of investment is also advent's largest investment in Latin American technology enterprises.

Brenno raiko, managing director and head of Latin American technology at advance, said: "we are pleased to have the opportunity to work with the founder of ebanx and an outstanding team of industry leaders. The ebanx management team is building a unique growth engine covering Latin America and is the disruptive leading team we want to invest in. We are very proud that ebanx has joined the advance ecosystem. "