Suggestions on EU tax reform Time:2021-7-14

On July 1, the EU implemented a new e-commerce policy reform, namely IOSS one-stop import declaration. In view of this EU tax reform, Anjun logistics has adjusted its product plan accordingly to cope with the storm of tax reform. Let's have a look.


New regulations on VAT tax reform


mplementation time:

On July 1, 2021, there is no transitional period.

Key points of the new regulation:

1. From 0:00 on July 1, EU customs will terminate the duty-free policy for imported goods with declared value less than 22 euro.

2. The introduction of one-stop VAT tax reporting service: OSS (one stop shop), the system allows local EU sellers to declare and pay VAT only in one member state, and the VAT payable in all EU Member States.

3. For sellers in non EU regions, the EU establishes an import one-stop service mechanism: IOSS (import one stop shop) for goods with intrinsic value less than 150 euro. IOSS and OSS play the same role. Chinese sellers can choose any member country to register IOSS.

4. Abolish the current rule of the threshold of remote sales of goods (35000 / 100000 Euro), and unify the new threshold of 10000 euro in the whole EU.


How to deal with Anjun Logistics


Create an order and fill in the IOSS field directly to place an order normally.



New EU registered products launched

Online on June 29, code 737, the line is a prepayment VAT service, in addition to the VAT tax rate, there will be a separate customer service charge for each package (the collection standard is 2% of the declared amount of each package, which is the cost of prepayment VAT and exchange rate fluctuation. Using this line requires an advance deposit of 1000-10000 euros, depending on the delivery volume.)

For example: if our company places an order for products without IOSS, and the destination country is France, the VAT rate in France is 20%, and the customer truthfully declares that the declared value is 20 euro, our company will charge additional vat of 20 * 22% = 4.84 euro.

Deposit return rules:

1. Customers declare truthfully, and there is no customs fine / customs duty payment within 90 natural days after the completion of customs clearance. The deposit will be returned within 7-10 working days.

2. If the customer fails to declare truthfully and causes customs fine / customs duty payment in the destination country within 90 natural days after the completion of customs, our company will make up the difference within 7-10 working days and return the deposit.


No IOSS orders in EU countries

Optional products: Anjun e-commerce line general goods, Anjun e-commerce line live, China Post packet, EUB, Dutch packet registration, German DHL packet.

Special attention:

The customs clearance mode of the above products is DDU, that is, the relevant tariff and VAT shall be paid by the addressee, so it shall be used with caution.

Supplementary notes:

When the customer chooses our products without IOSS to place an order, it means that the customer has read the remarks of our price list and the shipping terms of our company in detail, and accepts the terms.