Chinese thermos cup sells well in Brazil Time:2021-7-27

Xinhua news agency, July 26

Brazil, located in the southern hemisphere, has entered winter since June. The average temperature in many places this year is much lower than that in previous years. Since July, the minimum temperature at night in the southern region has been lower than zero degrees Celsius for many consecutive days. The cold weather has promoted the rapid growth of the sales of thermos cups in the Brazilian market. Among them, thermos cups made in China have traveled across the sea to Brazil, which are favored by local consumers.

According to the global express data of Alibaba's cross-border retail e-commerce platform, in June this year, the sales volume of Chinese made thermos cups in the Brazilian market increased 17 times month on month, among which the sales volume of stainless steel cold and warm thermos cups that can display temperature continued to rise.

China's cross-border logistics is becoming more and more popular with Brazil. It takes only about 12 days for the Chinese made thermos cups sold in Brazil to be placed by consumers, shipped by sellers from China, and then received by consumers.

Zhejiang Feijian industry and Trade Co., Ltd. data show that in May and June this year, the company's orders for thermos cups sold to Brazil increased three to five times month on month. The company official said that under the background of COVID-19, Brazil people have developed the habit of drinking hot drinks in order to avoid unnecessary contact, thus increasing the demand for thermal insulation cups. In addition, the cross-border logistics services provided by the rookie network, China's intelligent logistics platform, have greatly alleviated the pressure of product transportation.

Brazil is one of the most distant countries from China. In the past, it generally took one or two months for Chinese goods to arrive in Brazil. In April this year, rookie network and global express launched the "cross-border 12-day arrival" service for Brazilian consumers, transporting Chinese goods through direct flights, greatly improving the logistics timeliness and providing cost-effective and deterministic logistics services for Brazilian consumers and Chinese businesses.

The efficiency of cross-border logistics services has been greatly improved, which has become an important factor to promote local consumers to choose online shopping. Jonas evera is an online shopper. He told Xinhua that in the past, the logistics cycle was long and it was impossible to buy Seasonal Chinese goods such as clothing online. Nowadays, cross-border logistics greatly facilitates online shopping and shortens the delivery time. "I'll use it within two weeks after I place an order for a thermos cup".

Brazilian consumer teith garfett said that when she first started online shopping last year, some Chinese goods even took more than 60 days to arrive. Now there are direct charter flights to Brazil, and the goods purchased through express online can arrive in 7 to 12 days. The rapid arrival of goods is an important reason why she chose express shopping.

Source: Xinhua News Agency