Anjun special line to UK

The e-commerce package express service, launched by Anjun logistics and Royal Mail, can track packages and ordinary packages. Tracking packages are limited to the UK, and the ordinary package service covers the whole of Europe. In order to meet the needs of e-commerce customers, Anjun logistics has strengthened the transit and delivery time in the UK and open up the departure line of Hong Kong. The cargoes can arrive in UL the third day after receival in Shenzhen. We can accept built-in battery products.

Product advantages:
There is pre-online information on the next day;
Fixed air space allotment every day, which is time-efficient.
Obvious price advantage and long-term stable service;
Limited impact in peak season;

Delivery range: whole UK
Local 48 hour delivery service;
Normally, the package is delivered 24 hours a day, and signed in within 3-7 days. In case of non-working day, it will be postponed;

Weight limit: 0-3kg
Volume limit:
Special line A: length ≤ 60cm, volume ≤ 0.03m ³;
Postal service B: length ≤ 60cm, length + width + height ≤ 120cm; The length of the cylinder is not more than 105cm and the diameter is not less than 5cm.

Prohibited Articles:
Counterfeit goods, spray containers, alcohol liquids, asbestos, butane lighter, medical waste, toxic substances, corroded items, counterfeit banknotes, medicines, dry ice, etc. Inflammable and explosive materials, powders, liquids, obscene materials, magnetic materials exceeding standards, oxides and organic peroxides, weapons and ammunition, soluble paints and coatings; Guns, drugs, controlled knives, alcohol and tobacco, cash and securities, etc;

Tariff related:
1、From 0:00 on January 1, 2021, VAT (Valued added tax) of all B2C packages imported from outside the UK will be changed from customs clearance point to trading point, and the tax starting point is zero;
2、The declared value is less than or equal to £ 135 (about US $168), and the relevant taxes shall be paid by the platform or independently reported to HMRC in the UK (for the original DDP services, we will not collect the tax in advance). Packages with a declared price of more than £ 135 (about US $168) are not accepted for the time being.
3、In particular, the seller (platform seller or direct seller) is responsible for reporting tax to HMRC in the UK. If the customs clearance is abnormal due to the seller's VAT/EORI problem, the seller shall bear the exception.

Return related:
A. Registration: the return methods include changing order, delivery and abandoning parcel. If the delivery is unsuccessful, it will be returned to the UK warehouse. Service fee will be charged for the delivery by changing the address.
B. Postal service: Postal service does not provide return service.

Loss compensation:

1. Please buy your own insurance for valuables. Our company does not provide insurance service;
2. If the goods are lost before they arrive at the post office of the destination country, our company will refund the freight and compensate according to the declared value, but the maximum is not more than RMB 100;
3. If the goods arrive at the post office of the destination country and are lost after being confirmed by our company, the freight will not be refunded and the compensation will be made according to the declared value, but the maximum is not more than RMB 100;
4. Compensation acceptance deadline: seller must apply within 60 days after delivery, and Anjun will not accept any claims after 60 days.