FAQ Time:2021-7-14

1. How do I receive and deliver the goods?

At present, Anjun logistics can receive goods at home in Shenzhen (except Guangming District). Other cities can deliver goods to Anjun warehouse center by themselves, and then fly to overseas countries through Hong Kong.

2. How to register your system?

At present, Anjun official website has not opened the registration service, please contact customer service to open the account.

3. How to recharge?

There are two ways; The first is through Alipay. Second: offline transfer, provide transaction bill to Anjun customer service for confirmation.

4. Which ERP systems can be connected?

Most of the mainstream ERP systems in China, such as Dianxiaomi, MaBang software, Yicang, Global trading assistant, Saitu, Wangxiaowang, etc.

5. What about compensation?

Due to the different charging and compensation methods of different channels, please consult your exclusive customer service staff for details.