An Jun special line to America

Anjun logistics specializes in direct parcel special line services in the United States. It will fly directly to Los Angeles via Hong Kong and be delivered by USPS. Stable service, time-efficient, can accept built-in battery products and cream cosmetics.

Product advantages:
1.Online information can be checked the next day;
2.More than 400g packages have a price advantage compared to others;
3.All of them are transported by air with fast time.

Delivery range:

whole United States, service fee will be charged for remote areas;

Transit time:
1.Sufficient airline resources, 6 flights a week;
2.The fastest time in the west coast of the United States is 7-12 days;

Weight mode: weight by gram, no minimum weight;
Weight limit: 0-5kg;
Volume limit:
The higher one of volume weight or actual weight will be taken as chargeable weight.

Customs declaration:
1.Don't accept goods higher than US $800;

2.Don't accept the same addressee's name and address, and the total declared value of the package on the same day exceeds US $800;
3.If duty & tax or hold by customs is caused by declaration problems, CK1 reserves the right to investigate the responsibility;

Prohibited Articles:

A. Prohibited substances (such as perfume), knives, powders, pharmaceuticals, inflammable and explosive dangerous goods, tobacco and wine, cash and securities, infringing products, and other sensitive goods, including goods prohibited locally.
B. Reject pure battery and matching battery, conduct regular sampling inspection, and destroy once found;
C. Fragile items should be well protected by yourself. Glass products are not accepted;
D. No eye glasses! Or it must be proved by FDA Drop Ball test;
F.CPSC and FDA certificate are required for children's products;

Return related:

A. Do not accept returning to China or Hong Kong;
B. If the customer requests to return the products to the designated U.S. address (including the warehouse of the return address), a return fee shall be added;

Brand infringement:

A. If the brand involves the registered and authorized commodities and signs of associations and organizations, a letter of authorization must be provided( American intellectual property inquiry network:
B. Appearance design, brand, including international cartoon character patterns of infringement products are not accepted( For example, Bluetooth, HDMI, lamps with CERR, etc.)
C. China customs for intellectual property rights have the record of the goods (China Customs record brand inquiry address:

Loss compensation:

1. Please buy your own insurance for valuables. Our company does not provide insurance service.

2. If the goods are lost before they arrive at the post office of the destination country, our company will refund the freight and compensate according to the declared value, but the maximum is not more than RMB 100;

3. If the goods arrive at the post office of the destination country and are lost after being confirmed by our company, the freight will not be refunded and the compensation will be made according to the declared value, but the maximum is not more than RMB 100;

4.Compensation acceptance deadline: Seller must apply within 60 days after delivery and Anjun will not accept any claims more than 60 days.