An Jun special line to Germany

Anjun Germany special line is an e-commerce direct mail special line service for German destinations developed by Anjun. It uses cargo charter flights to European ports for customs clearance, and uses German DHL packet service for the final journey. The transit time is around 9-12 days. It is a cost-effective commercial direct mail special line service from China to Europe.

Weight limit: 0 ~ 3kg

Size limit: the maximum size is 60 * 40 * 40 cm, and the minimum size is 21 * 10 * 1cm

Charging method:

Calculated in gram. When comparing the actual weight and volume weight of the package, the higher one shall be taken as chargeable weight (volume weight calculation method: length * width * height cm / 8000 = kg); Irregular products are not accepted. If the goods are delivered, an additional processing fee of 150RMB / invoice will be charged.

Tariff related:
1. When placing an order, the IOSS number is required and the customs code is not required;
2. The value-added tax threshold is 0 euro, only goods with declared value of 150 euro are accepted, and the value-added tax VAT is no longer levied by the system;
3. For single currency euro declaration, the declared value is consistent with the sales value.

Prohibited Articles:

Drugs, powders, liquids, pure batteries, matching batteries, dangerous goods, tobacco and alcohol, cash and securities, infringing products, imitation brands, etc;

Return instructions:

Due to the address or other problems, the package which is not delivered successfully and returned to the German warehouse, a return fee of 32 RMB / parcel will be charged. The package can be re-dispatched and 10 euro / parcel will be charged. If abandon package, customer also needs to pay the return fee. There is no return service in China.

Loss compensation:

1、Please buy your own insurance for valuables. Our company does not provide insurance service;

2、If the goods are lost before they arrive at the post office of the destination country, our company will refund the freight and make compensation according to the declared value, with the maximum value not exceeding RMB 100;

3、If the goods arrive at the post office of the destination country and are lost after being confirmed by our company, the freight will not be refunded and the compensation will be made according to the declared value, but the maximum is not more than RMB 100;

4、Compensation acceptance deadline: Seller must apply within 60 days after delivery, and will not accept any claims more than 60 days.