Domestic one-piece consignment

(Dongguan warehouse center)

Anjun provides domestic consignment business. It is located in Fenggang town, Dongguan, Guangdong Province. It is close to Shenzhen and has a construction area of 5000 square meters. The main body of the logistics center is composed of multiple operation systems, including receiving, storage, order picking and packaging. It can store tens of thousands of boxes of goods at the same time. At the same time, the warehouse center is equipped with more than 10 large, medium and small Anjun trucks to deliver goods to ports, airports and other destinations in time, which can help cross-border e-commerce customers reduce delivery costs and improve transit-time.

Product advantages:

Multi-platform and multi account can be bound to the unique inventory SKU in the warehousing system, making it easier to place orders;

* Anjun warehousing software system; designated location management; faster distribution and delivery;

The sorting and scanning error proofing system is the last line of defense to ensure lower manual error rate.


The cut-off time for packing and distribution is 16:00. Orders received after 16:00 can not be guaranteed to be dispatched on the same day.

Charging method:

According to the number of outbound packages and outbound products

Product restrictions:

Built-in battery products must meet the requirements of air transportation and be in power-off state.

Cost related:

The warehouse insurance shall be insured at 110% of the declared value, or by the customer himself.

The storage fee is charged according to the actual rental unit volume.